To put it simply:



Love is purity, it is of the Soul.

Attachment compliments the ego’s survival instinct, where security (a sense of fear and need to control) lurk in its shadows.

Love outshines this shadow when one realizes that acting out of love is not synonymous to serving another person.  Instead, love encompasses acknowledging your needs and respecting another’s wishes.  

Through this authentic lens, a being of light is seen. When you love, you may radiate an abundance of light, but you understand that dimming of the other’s light is inevitable because of life’s inexorable highs and lows. The obligation to sustain a luminous light in your beloved ceases. Your job is not to ensure a blindness towards life’s belligerence, but to support your cherished one in seeing the light that emits through them. As a result, they have the capacity to acknowledge the darkness while grasping and liberating their illuminating power.