A voice that shudders,

Eyes that are sightless,

Ears that don’t listen.


a voice that has heard.

Eyes that speak.

Ears that have spectated…

From the way we move to how we observe the world, we are products of conditioning. We inadvertently lead ourselves to follow a belief system.  We emancipate ourselves through slavery.  

We languish in these malignant shackles.  Seeing this unveils the suppression.  Seeing this unveils the deprivation amongst the contentment.  Seeing our own enslavement unveils the confinement of all around us.  

Recognizing our own imprisonment does not mean we are emancipated. Every breath brings suffocation, for we are divided yet tethered to an inconspicuous slavery.        

            It is time to reclaim our control.  

            We represent All, we represent Love.