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NEW Site!!!! :)

Briefly, I created a new site and will no longer be posting on this one:

I wished to have a platform where I could express myself in all of the ways I love using my voice: writing, photography, acting, and simply speaking.  I no longer wish to hide from the world and hide from myself.  If what I produce comes from the heart, I plan on sharing it.  We all have a voice, and I’m just now acknowledging the different forms my voice speaks in.  I hope that the content on the site resonates with you in some form, and I hope you find comfort in knowing that you are never alone.  Your presence matters.

Thank you for supporting me.  If you still wish to stay updated on my more consistent posts, please subscribe at the bottom of the new site.

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You’re the Scribe You’re Subscribed to

Today, like everyday, I am living my best life.  I am living my dream life. I am in control of my reality, and everything my higher self needs and wants exists right now.  

Today, like everyday, you are living your best life- you are living your dream life. Frustration, fury, heartache, illness, excitement, satisfaction… every emotion is thriving within your fantasy.  There is no covert complexity to the fact that the point you’re at in this very moment is all you have aspired to feel, be, have, and experience.    

If you’re filled with ambivalence, perhaps you argue simply that you know what your “dream” entails, and you’re undeniably not living that.  However, let’s take a step from the conventional mind’s desire and tap into the reality of it all.

Because I am all of creation, so nothing separates you from me, everything matches the vibration I emit.

With everything connected, you are all that is.  Everything is a vibration, so whatever you emanate is the vibration of what you’re going to engage.  We’re familiar with karma, but we still question why “bad” things happen to seemingly good people. The whole notion of karma is a belief, and when you recognize that YOU are the creator, YOU choose what beliefs to subscribe to, and realize that YOU are the scribe

Frankly, we’re on the earthly plane, and everything in our lives connect to us as energetic beings.  As humans, we categorize what we energetically attract as “good” or “bad,” thus influencing our attitudes and perceptions to be “good” or “bad.”  It all starts and returns to our individual selves.

I’ve always had knowledge of these concepts, but now I’m finally starting to apply this understanding in my life.  I’ve had to let go of the idea that life needs to be stressful and strenuous before I can be “highly successful.”; I’m releasing the belief that to appreciate the good you have to experience the bad.  Everything we hold to be true is energy.  Allow yourself to release obligations to any type of energies that are at all unfulfilling, even if there is a societal stipulation. Your energy is your tool, your fuel, and your machine. 

In our realities, let’s create a space for experiences and encounters to flow effortlessly.  

As I remember that I am in charge and came here for specific reasons, life’s sometimes “cruel” journey becomes welcoming and empowering.   I am a manifestation of my imagination, and I bask in abundance. I can appreciate events which trigger the spectrum of emotions, because I know that I am in the inevitable flow of emotions- my emotions.  I am both the creator and the destroyer.  I see that I am all, I am One, and I am in control.    

I encourage you to begin your day by creating an intention and holding/ referring to that energy throughout the day.  Notice how that focused vibration begins to manifest into your reality.


Collectively Alone: A Journal Entry

Loneliness can be too familiar of a stranger at times.  Just like love.  Anything that prompts you to challenge your identity or your place in the world… loneliness and love are too distant, so much so that our brains fuse the two concepts together.  Sometimes we feel lonely because we’ve uncovered our roots and deracinated our weeds to the extent that we have covered our groundwork. We’ve closed ourselves off from the world as a result of finding ourselves.  

We’ve revitalized our seeds and we presume it’s best to plant ourselves away from all we once knew and all there is.  No matter what the resources are around us, we assume that we are the only ones who understand our own selves; we are the only force capable of nourishing and aiding ourselves. Sometimes, when we know ourselves so well, the world becomes so distant.  Home becomes the place in our minds. The feelings of insanity and being misunderstood linger over us. Our minds yearn for an explanation as to why our interactions won’t quite click. Perhaps you’ve had a taste of this soulful connection. Or, maybe your spirit repines for a force you have not felt but are too familiar with.  How is this feeling of being understood such a mundane instinct? We dissipate ourselves in love in hopes to overflow and eradicate our own barricade with the world. We give and seek love through like-mindedness, hoping to find ourselves in another just as we have found our core amongst our own human ego.

But yo.  It’s time to reinvent our own game.  Focusing our energy on this ceaseless endeavor to succeed at finding a walking replica of our minds is an unending quest.  This sense of detachment and esoteric awareness plunges you down a spiral you don’t realize you’ve sunk down until you hit the ground.  You lose contact with your roots, and instead grow in agitation with the world. It’ll send you on suicidal spells while somehow empowering you of your more paramount purpose in the world.  This abstruse pursuit of this universally-oriented soul purpose is the ultimate game changer. It’s a piece on the game board that you’ll eventually have to land on, because it’s the underlying force to all of this seclusion; it’s the piece that’ll allow you to win the game.  It’s the reason we’re all alive at this time and on this plane together right now. We’re here to remember that yeah, we might feel alone, but we’re all here right now to feel this sense of loneliness together.

That sense of unity and interconnectedness still lies deep within all of us.  Whether you’re able to feel it- whether you choose to feel it or not- we bond over these basic, yet profoundly simple feelings and emotions.  Let us help each other. Let us learn from each other to help each other. We’re all fragments of one collective soul- sometimes vibrating on different frequencies.  Let us transform and transmute those vibrational spectrums into love through compassion and acknowledgement once again.

My heart is open to you.


Everything comes as everything goes… everything seems to enter as everything seems to close.

I’m recognizing that as life ebbs and flows, there are no true losses, only gains.  You incarnate as the universe, you incarnate with abundance. As you become an observer to the ebb and flow of life, you remain drifting amongst that same copious, universal current.  Life’s oceanic inhales and exhales are all a part of the same, cyclical source. Changes and transitions in external environments as well as the motion of emotion is a concept to be celebrated.  With change comes opportunity, with opportunity comes reflection. The end is always the beginning as the beginning may be viewed as the end. Even amongst all of the chaos, there is always a steadiness and a balance to be admired.  

As new obstacles surface, you may compare the situation to prior events.  You may view the past as a better time, or you may view your former hardships as a more negative time period.  Undoubtedly, from my experience, there is some link that can be formed. Perhaps your personal growth has yielded a wiser and fresher perspective, enabling you to navigate more complex situations.  There is always a sense of closure that can eventually be made with a new circumstance. However, not everything may seem transparent. It is necessary to continue sailing amongst the tides and not rush the natural movements.  Being aware that you still stream from an overarching source empowers you with more flexibility and gracefulness, a trait encompassed in ocean waves. Yet, the ease and adaptability you possess is not a result of surrendering.  As you flow, you embody all of the might, capability, and influence that is seen amongst the ocean’s movements.  

Awareness is the equivalence to reclaiming your power.  

Getting Unstuck

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

A very cheesy lil quote, but words that pry at my soul.  2018. 2018 thus far has felt so liberating. I have walked through doors which once were locked, and I can clearly see new paths unfolding.  

I’ve always turned inward and remained distant when life feels hectic.  When I feel sad or just overall low on self-confidence, I withdraw from the world.  I know that what gets me out of a negative headspace is utilizing my time and being productive, but when I am so deep into an abyss, I feel so stuck and hopeless in the dark to find my way out.  No more. Lately, I have felt so tired of my patterns of making excuses to sulk and engage all of my incapabilities. It’s tiring being emotionally exhausted. Instead of focusing on all I am not, I have begun engaging what separates me from the rest of the world.  Not to stand out, but just to access my gifts that I was born with; to use characteristics that have always represented me, because in moments where I lose touch with myself, it is imperative that I stick to what is Ayesha.  

Every time I feel my worth is deteriorating and I feel like curling up and crying, I take a moment to connect with source.  I take a moment to access the silent guidance which always hums a tune in my favor. I try not to mute the light in my life.  I am still hiking my way through the journey of liberating myself from my pessimistic mind, but I now have the most useful power which I once lacked, and that force stems from ambition.  It stems from drive. It flourishes from willingness and being in the headspace to do and to try…


A spiritual cloak 

Invisible, ethereal 

Sheltering from all that is 

Enclosing all you wish to envelope 

Shielding from harm 

Warmth to the light.  



Wholeness, cleanliness 

Rejoice, but do not be content


An everflowing process 

Continuous stream 

Of guidance and gut.

Love You to Light

To put it simply:



Love is purity, it is of the Soul.

Attachment compliments the ego’s survival instinct, where security (a sense of fear and need to control) lurk in its shadows.

Love outshines this shadow when one realizes that acting out of love is not synonymous to serving another person.  Instead, love encompasses acknowledging your needs and respecting another’s wishes.  

Through this authentic lens, a being of light is seen. When you love, you may radiate an abundance of light, but you understand that dimming of the other’s light is inevitable because of life’s inexorable highs and lows. The obligation to sustain a luminous light in your beloved ceases. Your job is not to ensure a blindness towards life’s belligerence, but to support your cherished one in seeing the light that emits through them. As a result, they have the capacity to acknowledge the darkness while grasping and liberating their illuminating power.

A voice that shudders,

Eyes that are sightless,

Ears that don’t listen.


a voice that has heard.

Eyes that speak.

Ears that have spectated…

From the way we move to how we observe the world, we are products of conditioning. We inadvertently lead ourselves to follow a belief system.  We emancipate ourselves through slavery.  

We languish in these malignant shackles.  Seeing this unveils the suppression.  Seeing this unveils the deprivation amongst the contentment.  Seeing our own enslavement unveils the confinement of all around us.  

Recognizing our own imprisonment does not mean we are emancipated. Every breath brings suffocation, for we are divided yet tethered to an inconspicuous slavery.        

            It is time to reclaim our control.  

            We represent All, we represent Love.  


Spirit Shuttle.

Tuned in to the world around 

You feel your heart pound 

As you see those only visible to you-

To others, not a sound.

Your eyes fixated on a scintillating hue 

Feeling your body become unbound 

To you, none of this is new

So away they take you, away from ground.

Away, away

You're moved from Earth to home 

Drifting away,

You no longer feel alone. 

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